T-Shirt, Tote Bag & Tote Bag Tie Dye Kit with 4 Tie Dye Colors

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Tie Dye activity kit with 4 favorite colors to create a sea vibes looking: 
  • Blue
  • Dark Blue Ocean
  • Light Blue Sky
  • Black
Our 3 most sought-after blues and rough black color to complete the series!
An oversized T-Shirt , suitable for dyeing Tai Dye.

This DIY Kit contains:
  • 1 oversized T-Shirt made of 100% cotton suitable for dyeing Tai Dye.
  • 1 100% cotton tote bag.
  • 1 bandana made of 100% cotton
  • 4 packs of color powders suitable for a bottle of 120 ml each
  • 4 reusable 120 ml color bottles each with a printed link on the back leading to instructional videos
  • Instructions for use possible techniques for making a perfect Tie Dye
  • Work surface
  • Set of gloves
  • 20 rubber bands
  • STEP by STEP instructions