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Tie Dye Preperation

Our kit includes a tablecloth, gloves, rubber bands, dyes, bottles. You will need in addition what is not included for example: plastic wrap, paper towels water to make color, bowl to soak fabric, white cotton fabric to paint. Please read instructions before you begin.

Apart from hot and cold water there is no need to add anything else. But you can add salt or baking soda to the power and mix well before adding water.  

Possible but not recommended. 

The first step takes about 30 minutes and then it is necessary to dry the item up to 24 hours, rinse and dry it again.

It is best to look at our hot to videos, each technique has different tips. 

No, if you spill too much paint you may cause the colors to mix and ruin the pattern you wanted to make

Color quality

Yes, the paint drys so it is recommended to use all the paint after you have opened it, as long as the paint sits open exposed to the air its quality will suffer

The color is absorbed in the fabric and its shade changes from the shade you see when dying, if you follow all the instructions for use, wait for full drying time it takes, the color will fade less, after the first wash the item you dyed will get its final color.

The color is non-toxic. It should be kept away from small children, away from the eyes and mouth. 

From our experiment you can paint 3 textile items with one bottle of paint.

The dye does not catch well on synthetic material so color will be faded. 


With the help of bleach the dye is  easily washed off. 

In the instructions for use we perform two drying processes before the first wash. This process should prevent dye from falling off the item. We recommend doing the first wash without additional items.

Since our colors are fabric colors, the color should not come out, if this happens we recommend immediately washing the stained garment and not letting the paint dry.

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