About Us

Your Joy in a Box!

FunkyFish, a family-owned business, has been specializing in Unique DIY Kits development for over 2 decades. Each Kit, like the Jewelry Making Kit and Tie Dye Kit, is an outcome of a deep, knowledgeable design process so that your creation will be joyful, experimental and will not require any previous knowledge in order to receive a stunning outcome!

Our ideas come from a positive, fun, loving approach of life, combining family and together time values.

In our rich DIY crafts kits collections you can find Tie Dye making kits, Jewelry making kits, Macrame, Posters & Wall Collage, Embroidery and more.

Whether you choose to create on your own, with friends and family, or buy a kit as a gift to a loved one - it is important for us that you express your own unique preference and creativity, while enjoying a few stress-free and screen-free hours.

Each kit will provide you quality time full of creativity and satisfaction. We are continuously working on designing and developing additional DIY kits that will bring you moments of joy!


Funky Fish was founded 25 years ago in Palma de Mallorca Spain.Our company started out as a street stand and developed into a chain of fashion accessories stores that operated in 40 countries. The company Creates, Designs, Develops and Manufactures Life Style Trendy Products through offices in Israel and China,
Nowadays Funky Fish is developing with enthusiasm unique online platforms and collaborations in the digital space to provide its unique products directly to customers worldwide.