FunkyFish Fashion & Accessories offers you more than just products.

 With more than 25 years of experience in retail, by now it's definately a lifestyle.

No, it's not a teenage phase: forever-young is just who we are! 

FunkyFish offers accurate and trendy designs for a young audience.

From the very beginning, in Spain of 1996, we have stayed true to our core values:

creating inspiring items, that will spread the joy of gift-giving and original style.

Yes - Fun is a core value.


Retail is changing all the time:

So it doesn't matter if you have a successful store,
or if you run your own online empire: we're your go-to address!

Your brand is already doing great, but you can get even better results.

FunkyFish by Flooky ltd. is your one-stop-shop, from concept design to production:

whether it's made-to-order designs, or one of our thousands original ideas.


Professional Experience:

FunkyFish by Flooky ltd. has over 25 years of experience,

Developing & creating collections for known brands all over the world.

Focus & Expertise:

We have a very specific target audience, and we follow every relevant trend.

We do that to get you the best and most unique items available,

in a world full of so many dynamic possibilities.

Content & Support:

By joining our Creators Community, you'll have access to:

Marketing materials, Personalized graphic design (packages & labels), and much more.

Made-to-Order collections:

Your brand is not like any other.

That's why we offer personalized collections, that meet your super-specific visions.

Work Online, from anywhere in the world:

We're able to work on remote throughout the development & production process,

and we ship samples/items FOB from China/Ningbo to countries all over the world.

Sounds good? Let's talk!


© 2020 by FunkyFish

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